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Shipp Consulting Services was created in May 2005 after owner Carolyn Shipp was faced with her own challenges of a divorce and credit issues. Ms. Shipp has a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration and Certification in Human Resources. In September 2010 

Ms. Shipp was faced with her own legal battles pertaining to her home and as a result of 

Ms. Shipp's knowledge and research regarding the process of keeping her home it

landed her a position as a Legal Assistant at an Law Firm. She now desires the 

opportunity to offer her services in the areas of credit restoration and consulting 

with those facing foreclosure at an affordable fee.

Shipp Consulting Services mission is to educate and provide those person with the tools they need in developing a good credit standing, how to read a credit report, what are their rights are as a consumer and lasting how to remove negative items from their reports that could be keeping you from the credit you deserve.

Our goal is to assist you resolving your foreclosure Issues to detect if the RESPA Act (12 U.S.C.2605), Predatory lending or a Breach of contract have been violated by either your Mortgage Company/Servicer or Banks, if either has violated these policies you have a right to take legal action against them.





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