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Quotes Thank you Ms. Shipp for coming in and making my new home look Fabulous. I have never been a fan of artificial plants and even express that to Ms. Shipp , she said if you've never try it how do you know if you will like them, well after she put everything together Now I love my plants and how my home looks , Visitors always give me compliments on my home and ask who is my decorator .....Thanks again for your wonderful work...Mrs. Annie May God Blessings Continue to Flow Through You !!!!! Quotes
Thankful for New Look

Quotes I'm Laura and I was referred to Shipp Consulting Services over a year ago, when I finally contacted Ms. Shipp she explained to me how the program worked and she went to work. while restoring my Credit one of the Creditor Ms. Shipp had disputed on my report a Major bank decided to file a lawsuit against me, so I let Ms. Shipp know and she immediately put on her Legal hat and went to work on it, she wrote every letter to the courts and she demanded things from the creditor that I was not aware I was entitled too when a Creditor sues you. Thanks to Ms. Shipp in February 2014 the courts dismissed the lawsuit in my favor. I'm Thankful for Ms. Shipp hard work and her Faith because mine was doubtful but God used her to help me to Not only restore my Credit but to Challenge a Large Bank in court and I WON. May Shipp Consulting Services continue to be a Blessing to All who use your company....Thanks again Laura Y-Bryan, Texas (2014) Quotes
Thankful Client

Quotes Hello my name is Jerri I heard about Shipp Consulting Services from one of our church member who was a realtor. I was trying to buy a home but had Tax Liens for another state on my credit report but I will say Ms. Shipp got them removed and I was able to purchase me a Brand New Home. It pays to have someone who has the Love of God to handle your business affairs.....Thank you Ms. Shipp !!!!!!!!!!! Jerri - Houston Quotes

Quotes I was referred to Ms. Shipp over a year ago by a family member who had told me of how great Ms. Shipp was in restoring credit. In March 2013 I called Shipp Consulting Services and setup a meeting. I was very impressed with how Professional and she explained to me how the whole process would work. When I contacted Ms. Shipp it was because I needed to refinance my home and purchase a car which I couldn't do. However after Ms. Shipp completed the process in June 2013 I was able to Purchase a Brand New 2013 Equinox and Without No Money Down......Thankful for Ms. Shipp hard work and her walking in "Faith" daily in her business......Blessings Mr. Young (2013) Quotes

Quotes My name is Kimberly and I went through losing my home and didn't realize that it would be hard for me to even rent with this on my credit, So I contacted Ms. Shipp and she went to work for me to get the issue resolved on my credit report in order for my me to be able to get another place to live. After the period of 90 days I was able to get a place to live and Thanks to Ms. Shipp Faith and work I have been at this location over 4 years and working to purchase me another home. Thanks Ms. Shipp for helping me in my time of need.. May "God" continue to Bless in whatever you do !!!!! Quotes

Quotes I was so pleased when I was referred to Ms. Shipp to help me repair my credit, I was going through a refinance with my home, however there where things on my credit that was holding me back. Ms. Shipp talked with me about what needed to be done to correct the problem and she went to work for me. Contacting my mortgage company on my behalf and submitting to them to proper paperwork so that I could get my home refinance. Thanks Ms. Shipp for your knowledge you are truly a woman that trust in God to accomplish his will for others...Blessings Monroe-Houston-2008 Quotes

Quotes Hello my name is Venita, I was referred to Ms. Shipp thru one on my church members to repair my credit. I explained to Ms. Shipp my situation and my desire to own a home, I was recieving disability and thought that there was no way I could get a home. Ms. Shipp restored my credit and help me find the resources to get a new home using my income from disability. I thank God for giving Ms. Shipp the knowledge to help me....You are a Powerful and Knowledgable woman of God..My God continue to Bless you in your business.....Venita-Houston,Tx ( 2007) Quotes

Quotes I was referred to Ms. Shipp by a relative back in Nov. 2011 and she worked with me to save my home as I was 14 days from being foreclosed on. But Ms. Shipp told me to keep the faith and she went to work for me. As of this day June 2012, Ms. Shipp was successful in helping me avoid foreclosure and get a loan modification that the bank had previous refused to give me....Thank you Ms. Shipp for your "Faith" in "God" and helping me to see the favor of the Lord in my situation......Shannon D....Houston, Tx Quotes